Here’s to A Healthy Halloween!

Aaahhhh, Halloween, here’s some helpful hints to take some of the sugar out of the holiday from our founder and director, Barbara Storper, MS, RD.

How about trying out the Halloween Buy-Out Strategy:

Buy back your kid’s candy and with the money they earn, encourage them to save it for holiday presents or even donate it to their favorite charity. For example, every dollar donated to the Western Massachusetts Food Bank provides nine dollars of food! Have kids do the math as they help out their neighbors, turning sweet treats for one into good eats for all!
Suggested rates – 25 cents for 2 small candies; 50 cents for bigger pieces; and $1.00 for big size.
This one was suggested by mother and writer, Sarah Buttenweiser.

Or, have kids put all their sugary loot into a container, and keep it in a safe place for them, out of the way. Dole out one or two pieces a day or every other day for dessert after a healthy meal, and then have a family teeth brushing ritual.

Happy Halloween!

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