Thanks Hannaford & David Ortiz!

From being on the road as a stage manager to working in our home office, FoodPlay continues to give me some of the most amazing experiences and my favorite memories! As a top on the list, this past Monday I met one of my Red Sox heroes—Big Papi.

Ortiz, along with Hannaford Helps Schools, presented FoodPlay with a check for $5000 during the ProCamps Clinic in Melrose.


For as long as I’ve been a fan I’ve admired the way the Red Sox as a whole and their players reach out to the community and do such good work with their foundations. As a nutrition education company we really appreciate Papi’s commitment to children’s health and wellness. His foundation is not only giving assistance to companies like ours, but he is also out there being a positive role model.

As a fan it was incredibly inspiring to watch an iconic player on the cusp of the playoffs out giving pointers and interacting with the kids in such a genuine and involved way! Without a doubt reaffirmed my love of Big Papi, the Red Sox, and the work we do at FoodPlay!



  1. I think foodplay will make u healthy and active instead of drinking soda every day and junk food

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