Be a Winter Warrior & Stay Active!

Written by Barbara Storper, Founder & Director

As many of us head into a three-day long winter weekend, I wanted to offer some tips and encouragement for keeping active through winter’s “I-can’t-possibly-make-it-to-the gym-days.” And take it from me, who has been “hibernating” for weeks, we can do this!

Try to be active everywhere- while you’re waiting on line, sitting at your desk, driving your car – do something with your body. When I’m walking my dog – a slow process with lots of stops and starts as my dog lingers “smelling the not-so-roses world”- I try to do big steps in place or stretch my arms.

Can you start a local walking club somewhere in your neighborhood? Maybe at a park, along a safe route, or even inside a mall? Start with yourself and a friend or two, then put a few fliers up announcing a neighborhood walk at the same time and place at least once a week. If you want it to be outdoors, try to find the sunniest spot and time – like Saturday mornings right around noon. Hopefully, the walking club can go on without you, and be a kind of potluck, where folks can join in, or skip, whatever. You can even switch folks leading stretches, reading a poem, or starting a talk about an interesting topic.

Take a look at the real obstacles getting in the way of being active. For me, it came down to…I’m too tired, I have nothing to wear that I’m comfortable in, and did I really want to go outside when I could stay cozy and warm inside? Alas, something changed in me. I found an easy, comfortable outfit that I keep handy, along with my gym bag filled with essentials, so that I’m always ready to go. And I found the perfect time to go to the gym- right from work before I get settled down at home.

Fast forward. Think of how great you feel after you exercise. It’s amazing the difference I feel when I am physically active versus when I’m not. Just yesterday, after a long hibernation, I did it. I went to the gym and worked out. I felt so much better afterwards, and I was pretty surprised that my friends noticed the difference right away – remarking, “how vibrant I looked.”

And, here’s a link with some ideas on how to be active without the gym – and also, some tips on how to clean your house! There’s a connection in there somewhere! In any case – here’s to feeling good and alive even in winter!

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