Nutrition Labels – Making the Right Choice Easier

Great news! Michelle Obama is leading the way on updating the Nutrition Facts Labels on foods so that kids and parents can more easily figure out if a food product is healthful.

See the proposed changes here.

We’re all on board for these changes- especially making the calorie counts a larger print size and having them apply to the actual size of the package. We heartily agree with having “added sugars” listed, so that folks can see the difference between sugar that occurs naturally in a food and sugars like high fructose corn syrup and table sugar, which are added to processed food products. We also love the idea of separating the different sections of the label and explaining that some items such as fat and cholesterol are ones to “Avoid too much” and that other nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, are ones to “Get enough”. One thing I’d really like to see, however, is added sugar shown in terms of teaspoons instead of grams. No one, especially kids, knows what a gram is, but they can visualize a teaspoon.

That’s my two cents. What do you all think?

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