Winter Holiday Deals!

FoodPlay wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season! Enjoy a 10% discount through December in our online store on these fun gift ideas and stocking stuffers – Use Discount Code: FP2016

Fruit + Veggie Tracker Bands Kit
Kids LOVE these Tracker Bands! And, they’re great little stocking stuffers. Get your whole family or class on board having fun eating fruits and veggies. You can even have a contest! Start with six bands on one wrist, and every time you eat a fruit or vegetable, move a band to the right. At the end of the day, you see how well you did. Let your Tracker Bands remind you throughout your day to go for fruits and veggies!
Kit comes with 6 colorful bands, bookmark, tracker chart, and fun tips.
Now Only: $2.66
Bulk orders of over 100 Kits: Now Only: $1.76

Janey Junkfood’s FRESH Adventure!
This children’s book favorite makes healthy eating a fun-filled FRESH adventure! Written in a colorful scrapbook style and featuring 14 colorful snack recipe cards. Ideal for ages 5 to 12, and great for family reading!
Based on Emmy Award-Winning TV Special
Hardcover: Now Only: $14.36
Softcover: Now Only: $8.96

Give Peas a Chance! or Eat Your Veggies!
Fun T-shirts to celebrate fruits and veggies as you promote world peace! Great for a holiday picture with the whole family! 100% thick cotton.
Youth and Adult Sizes!
Now Only: $14.36

Passport to Fresh Adventures!
Kids get to travel the world of Fresh Adventures by trying different fruits and veggies. Every time they try a new one, they get to find the sticker and put it into the passport.
Booklet includes: 32 colorful stickers, fun facts, tracking chart, scorecard, and Spanish and English names for foods.
“National Excellence Award” – Produce for Better Health Foundation
Now Only: $4.46
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Happy Holidays!

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