Spring Tour Kicks Off!

FOODPLAY Kicks Off 2017 Spring Tour with 5 Healthy Habits!
Janey and Coach had a fantastic time starting their Spring Tour at the Fisher Hill School in Orange, MA! Over 300 kids and teachers were delighted by the performance.

According to Jennifer Murphy, Physical Education/Health Teacher, FOODPLAY was just what the doctor ordered!
“FOODPLAY was an absolutely amazing performance, the kids loved it, and it was great to see all the most important nutrition and physical activity lessons demonstrated in such a fun and engaging way!”, said Ms. Murphy.

This year, as part of the FOODPLAY program, we’re excited to present every child with “Take the FOODPLAY 5 Challenge!” cards to post on their fridge to encourage the whole family to take up challenge – with these 5 Healthy Habits:

Take the FOODPLAY 5 Challenge!
Eat at least 5 Fruits and Veggies a day!
Read it Be4 You Eat It!
Fuel up with 3 square meals starting with BREAKFAST!
Remember – I can do this and YOU CAN 2!
Get up and PLAY for at least 1 hour a day!
Cut down on soda – refresh with H2O!

Get your own Take the FOODPLAY 5 Challenge Poster!

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