About FoodPlay Productions

Welcome to FoodPlay Productions! We’re an Emmy Award-winning nutrition media company which tours the nation’s schools and special events using the power of live theater and interactive resources to turn kids on to healthy eating and active lifestyles.Founded in 1982 by Barbara Storper, MS, RDN, a leader in the field of children’s nutrition, FoodPlay’s shows, educational resources and media campaigns have earned a host of national awards, outstanding evaluations, and rave reviews for their innovation and effectiveness improving the nutrition and health habits of the nation’s youth.

Our kids learned more in one hour of FOODPLAY than a whole year of health classes!”
—Ann Dryden, Principal, Veterans Memorial School, Springfield MA

FoodPlay‘s live theater show programs have reached over four million schoolchildren across the country and have been widely covered in the national media for their colorful approach making nutrition come alive for kids!

We also work with public and private partners (school districts, corporations, foundations, and government agencies) to create regional and national tours, media campaigns, video/DVD kits, books, curricula, and educational materials to promote healthy habits in schools, homes, and communities.

FoodPlay Productions’ programs have been created under sponsorship by the US Department of Agriculture, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation, and departments of public health and education throughout the country.

We do it all for you!

Our comprehensive nutrition education programs combine dynamic live theater performances with fun-filled research-based educational materials to trigger school-wide excitement around creating healthy schools and healthy communities.

Kick Off School Wellness and Obesity Prevention Programs!

We specialize in programs that help schools create effective school wellness policies and get everyone on board and excited to work together to create healthy school environments.

Research-Based with Proven Results!

USDA- and CDC-sponsored evaluations showed dramatic improvements in students’ nutrition and health knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors, with over 75% of children reporting dramatic improvements in their eating and exercise habits following the FOODPLAY experience. Over 90% of school evaluations rate the FOODPLAY program as “excellent!” with many saying it was the BEST program they’ve ever had! More…

Our students loved FOODPLAY on Monday! The staff thought it was great too. We have been doing good nutrition activities all week and it seems the kids are really getting it. I will definitely recommend the program to others. Thanks again.
—Patricia K. Niemitz RN, BSN, MEd, Certified School Nurse, Carlisle, PA (2/25/09)

Kids are having so much fun, they don’t realize how much they’re learning!

Our programs deliver the best in theater arts — amazing feats of juggling, colorful characters, motivating messages, music, dance, magic, and audience participation – using the power of live theater to inspire, educate, empower, and entertain! More…

Meets National and State Standards!

All programs come with follow-up school resource kits featuring standards-based nutrition education materials for everyone involved – children, parents, teachers, school food service/nutrition services, health staff, and the media. These materials help integrate nutrition into core curriculum areas and extend the nutrition and health messages all year long.

Media Magnet!

Everywhere FoodPlay goes, the media is sure to follow! Bringing FoodPlay programs to your area is a great way to generate positive visibility for your programs and sponsors. FoodPlay has been featured nationally on ABC’s The Health Show and Diet in Danger, CBS’s Inside Edition, CNN’s On the Menu, Nickelodeon’s Total Panic, and PBS’s Body Watch. More…

Bring FoodPlay programs to your schools and special events, and watch your kids take charge of growing up healthy and fit!

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