Awards for Barbara Storper, MS, RDN and FoodPlay Productions

    • Emmy Award, Outstanding Children & Youth Special
      – Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

  • National Excellence Award
    – Produce For Better Health Foundation [full story]
  • Distinguished Alumni Award
    – Columbia University Teachers College [full story]
  • Outstanding Young Nutrition Educator in the Country Award
    – Society For Nutrition Education
  • National Nutrition Action Award for Best Community Program
    – Society For Nutrition Education
  • Best Public Health Nutrition Program Award
    – Society For Nutrition Education [full story]
  • Media Partnership Award
    – Society For Nutrition Education
  • Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur Award
    – American Dietetic Association [full story]
  • Best Creative Design Award
    – Health Sciences Communication Association
  • Silver CINDY Award For Public Service Sponsors
    – International Association of Audio Visual Communicators

Behind-the-Scenes Stories

“National Excellence Award” from the Produce for Better Health Foundation

FoodPlay Productions won the 2006 National Excellence Award given by the Produce for Better Health Foundation for the ground-breaking partnership, The “Fresh Adventures at Hannaford – FOODPLAY Tour.” The tour brought live FOODPLAY theater shows to 200 schools throughout the Northeast, reaching over 80,000 children and their families.

There were 11 winners nationally. Barbara accepted the award at the PBH Awards Luncheon in San Francisco on March 17th. Read the press release for more information about the National Excellence Award and its 2006 winners.

The “Fresh Adventures at Hannaford-FOODPLAY Tour” is just one of many successful initiatives designed to bring powerful nutrition and health messaging into schools, homes, businesses, communities and the media, while creating exceptional community outreach, media coverage, and customer loyalty for our partners. The FoodPlay Passport to Fresh Adventures! will be available for purchase and for co-branding opportunities as part of future partnerships.

“2006 Distinguished Alumni Award” from Columbia University Teachers College

Our Executive Director, Barbara Storper, MS, RDN, was honored with the Columbia University Teachers College Distinguished Alumni Award at an awards dinner held in October 2006 by Susan H. Fuhrman, President of the College. According to The Alumni Council, this award “honors the College’s most extraordinary alumni each year who have distinguished themselves in their fields and have earned high respect among their colleagues and the general community.” Teachers College’s 90,000 graduates include leading educators, psychologists, administrators, and other professionals. Congratulations, Barbara!

“Best Public Health Nutrition Program Award” from the Society for Nutrition Education

FoodPlay Productions received this award at the Society for Nutrition Education Conference for our “Healthy Schools, Healthy Children Project: Fighting Childhood Obesity in Massachusetts.” This statewide collaboration between FoodPlay and the Massachusetts Public Health Association, brought the power of live theater to provide nutrition education shows to over 90,000 children, parents, and teachers in over 250 elementary and middle schools throughout Massachusetts in 2003-2005. The enthusiasm and media coverage generated by FoodPlay performances and materials was used to catalyze parents, school professionals, business leaders, and administrators into Children’s Nutrition Action Networks. These networks continue to advocate for effective school wellness policies and institutional reform to improve the nutrition environments in schools and communities.

“Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur in the Country Award” from the American Dietetic Association

Barbara received this award for her “leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit impacting the health of the nation’s children.” The Award was presented by the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Division of the American Dietetic Association at their national conference held in October ‘05 in Anaheim, California.