Proven Results

FoodPlay‘s educational theater shows receive rave reviews, but do kids actually change their health habits after seeing our shows? The results are in and the answer is YES!

In independent evaluations, FoodPlay’s programs have been found to dramatically improve the nutrition and health knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of children.

Evaluation Results for FOODPLAY

FOODPLAY audience In a major USDA-sponsored evaluation, 1200 fourth graders were asked about changes one week after the FOODPLAY Program.

      80% reported eating more healthfully.
      75% reported eating more fruits and vegetables.
      70% reported eating fewer sweets and drinking less soda.
      62% reported telling their parents what they learned.
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Evaluation Results for THIS IS YOUR LIFE!

In a CDC-sponsored evaluation, 1,324 middle school students were asked about changes they were likely to make after seeing THIS IS YOUR LIFE!

      64% plan to eat more healthfully.
      58% plan to exercise more regularly.
      57% plan to eat and drink more calcium-rich foods and beverages.
      49% will avoid fad diets.
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You changed my life! I stopped eating so much junk food, now I eat lots more fruit and vegetables. I’m playing outside instead of watching TV! Thank you!

—Theresa, 5th grader, MA