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Tanner Health Source brings FOODPLAY to an audience of 4,000 in Georgia!

Students and teachers from Carroll County and Carrollton City schools were bussed in to Tanner Medical Center to visit our new Health Education and Wellness Learning Center for a field trip to see FOODPLAY. I gave the introduction to all of the performances, and one day about a week after a show, I had a 15 minute discussion with a group of first graders who wanted to tell me all about their favorite parts of the show. The performance made quite an impression on so many kids and I continue to receive comments from teachers, parents and kids about how much the children enjoyed the program.
—Gina Brandenburg, MS, CHES, Community Outreach Manager, Tanner Health SourceLetter of Recommendation

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Tanner Health Source, a division of Tanner Health System, received a grant from the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta to bring educational programs on nutrition and exercise to the youth in Carroll and Douglas counties in Georgia.

Tanner brought FOODPLAY to the community to address important health and wellness issues, to educate elementary-aged students about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, and to introduce to the community-at-large Tanner’s new Health Education and Wellness Learning Center.

Tanner reached over 4,000 children and community members throughout the week-long tour which included performances at the “Healthy Kids Challenge” community-wide events, and at the new Learning Center facility in Carrollton, along with assemblies at local schools.

Working with FOODPLAY is part of Tanner Health Source’s overall mission to teach healthy habits early; to set children up for good health for life by making healthy eating fun! Tanner has developed a number of initiatives with this ideal in mind, including the Tanner Healthy Kidz Club, and The FOODPLAY Tour. Tanner also piloted a program at Sand Hill Elementary School which introduces 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders to healthy diet and exercise concepts.

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