School District Partnerships

It takes a healthy village to raise healthy children!

FoodPlay Productions has developed comprehensive, turnkey programs designed to bring nutrition education to your entire school district or region — using the power of live theater! FoOODPLAY inspires, empowers, educates, and entertains students, teachers, and families throughout your whole community!

Highly recommended! We’ve brought FOODPLAY programs to over 100 schools each year throughout our district, to rave reviews! FOODPLAY presents sound nutrition messages in a thoroughly entertaining way, captivating children’s attention throughout the whole show, and triggering school-wide excitement to create healthier school environments.”
—Joan Nachmani, MS, CNS, SFNS, Director of Nutrition Education, The School District of Philadelphia – Read the complete letter of recommendation

FoodPlay helps School Districts to:

  • Juggling in FOODPLAY entertains kidsMake nutrition come alive with fun-filled award-winning theater shows.
  • Motivate stakeholders to build a healthy school environment and create effective school wellness policies.
  • Extend nutrition education throughout the year with standards-based educational materials.

If you’re looking for the best way to reach a lot of students on a moderate budget, FOODPLAY performances are the best way to go! …an incredible way to reach thousands of students with positive nutrition messages in a creative, entertaining way that kids can identify with and enjoy.”
—Lisa Medrow, RD, Nutrition Program Coordinator, Yuma County Dept. of Public Health, AZ

Sample District/Regional Tour Package

  • School District Tours: Up to 10 schools and 12 performances per week
  • Audience Size: Up to 400 (exceptions made)
  • Special Options: Family Night or other community events.
  • Standard Venue: Auditorium, cafetorium, gymnasium, community center, local theater or other appropriate performance space.
  • Follow-up Materials: Comprehensive resource kit for each school — with materials for teachers, students, parents, food service, and health staff.
  • View current FoodPlay live theater shows

Regional Customization

FOODPLAY Philly cast 2009For larger tours, to more specifically meet the needs of different demographics, we are able to customize the show and create local troupes based in your region.

For example, we collaborated with Bruce Robinson (of Philadelphia’s FreshVisions Youth Theatre Company) to create a reinterpretation of FOODPLAY for a tour of The School District of Philadephia. Under Bruce’s direction, the show featured original rap music, hip-hop dancing, and local references to address Philadelphia’s school population.

For Intermountain Healthcare, we created a Utah-based This Is Your Life! troupe that presented shows throughout Utah and Southern Idaho middle schools over a three-year period.

School District Partners

FoodPlay Productions has successfully worked with a variety of school districts and government departments to create customized regional tours. Customized tours can include your specific messages and branding. Partners have included:

  • The School District of Philadelphia PA [view letter of recommendation]
  • Boston MA Public Schools
  • Newton MA Public Schools
  • Framingham MA Public Schools
  • Yuma County Department of Public Health [view letter of recommendation]
  • Washington School District, Phoenix AZ
  • Bryan TX Independent School District
  • New York City Board of Education
  • Anchorage AK School District

View Program Brochure for School Districts

Contact: Rachel Achmad
Program Manager
1-800-366-3752 or 413-247-5400