Happy Thanksgiving!

Starting with Buffalo,NY’s record-breaking snowfall last week, winter has returned – and the Northeast is bracing for another huge snowfall on Thanksgiving Day. We can, however, be thankful for all the opportunities this gives us to work off the calories of holiday consumption. How thankful, exactly? Well, here are some estimates…. It would take about […]

Halloween Strategies

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the costumes, the decorations, the scary stories…but since I became a parent what I dread most of all is negotiating the candy consumption with my kids. They’re too old not to notice if some of the loot “disappears” overnight, and dealing with their jagged moods and […]

Do you know about FoodCorps?

Written by Barbara Storper, MS, RD Do you know about FoodCorps? They’re a great organization that sends young people throughout the country to help promote healthy food systems and sustainable practices. We had the wonderful opportunity to work with FoodCorps folks in Gallup, New Mexico. They had a farm where students were able to plant […]

New Research on Getting Kids to Eat their Veggies

Written by Barbara Storper, MS, RD New research suggests that giving no messages trumps any other approach when it comes to getting kids to eat their vegetables. This idea is very simplistic and needs more research, but it does suggest that telling kids “eat this, it’s good for you” may backfire since kids may tend […]

Nutrition Labels – Making the Right Choice Easier

Great news! Michelle Obama is leading the way on updating the Nutrition Facts Labels on foods so that kids and parents can more easily figure out if a food product is healthful. See the proposed changes here. We’re all on board for these changes- especially making the calorie counts a larger print size and having […]

Be a Winter Warrior & Stay Active!

Written by Barbara Storper, Founder & Director As many of us head into a three-day long winter weekend, I wanted to offer some tips and encouragement for keeping active through winter’s “I-can’t-possibly-make-it-to-the gym-days.” And take it from me, who has been “hibernating” for weeks, we can do this! Try to be active everywhere- while you’re […]