Janey’s Summer Snack Attacks

Hey everybody! School’s out, juggling camp is soon, and the weather is perfect for playing outside! I can’t talk about summer without mentioning summer foods. Ice cream, hot dogs, and fried dough are all yummy…but not good for you. They make you feel icky and tired. I might have those treats once or twice, but […]

Spring Fruits and Veggies

Hiya friends! It’s been a long, cold winter, and it’s been hard to eat in-season, fresh produce when everything outside is gray! Still, I’ve been making great progress with my Healthy Habits New Year’s Resolution. Coach said that all the energy I now have from eating real food has been great for my performances! As […]

Resolutions from Barbara Storper, Executive Director of FOODPLAY!

Resolutions for a Healthy 2016 By Barbara Storper, MS, RDN Our body: it doesn’t ask that much from us for all the incredibly complex processes it’s involved in! Feed it healthy food, breathe clean air, drink enough fluids, go out to play and move, and send it some positive messages. Try not to overwhelm it […]

Janey’s Tips for the New Year! Happy 2016!

It’s Janey! Wow, what an exciting year 2015 was. I started eating healthy foods and being more active – and Coach says my juggling is better than ever! When I was first starting my new lifestyle, it would have been helpful to have some written advice. I didn’t know the first thing about how to […]

Janey’s Thanksgiving Tips!

Hey everyone! It’s almost one of my favorite holidays….Thanksgiving! It’s a time for family and gratitude (and all the pies are pretty great, too!) Here are my best tips to stay healthy this season: Eat Mindfully I used to think eating everything in sight on Thanksgiving was a good idea! But that just left me […]

Fall Into Healthy Habits!

Hiya pals! Janey here. Temperatures are dropping, I’m sipping hot cider…It’s officially fall! What a busy time of year: I have school, juggling, and I have to stay strong! That’s hard! But it’s not impossible, so I’ve come up with some tips to stay focused, happy, and healthy. This is a good time of the […]