Week Two: Sneaky Soda!

Janey Junkfood book illustration

Yoo-hoo! Over here! It’s me, Janey Junkfood. Boy, did I have another crazy day! I wanted to sneak in a treat before juggling practice, so I grabbed a soda. But Coach busted me drinking it, and he seemed concerned.

Week One: I’m fueling up with breakfast!


Hi everybody!!! I can’t wait to tell you about my day! I was late for juggling practice, and I reeeaaaally didn’t want to bum coach out. SO I ran all the way, and was huffing and puffing! Guess I can check off my daily exercise! I wanted to get right to juggling, so I scarfed […]

Janey’s Journal – Follow Janey on the Road!

New in our Kids! section, Janey the Juggler is now updating us from the road! Follow Janey on her adventures with Coach, by reading about what she’s learning and discovering each week in Janey’s Journal! Kids can learn along with Janey how much fun healthy eating is!

Thank You to Hannaford Supermarkets – A True Community Health Hero!


A special message from our Executive Director, Barbara Storper: Did you know that Hannaford Supermarkets has made it possible for over 225,000 children throughout the Northeast to participate in FOODPLAY? Now in our tenth year of partnership, this wonderful company has made child nutrition a priority and supported bringing FOODPLAY to hundreds of schools over […]

Happy New Year!

The holidays are busy, but they allow us some downtime here at FOODPLAY. Coach, Johnny and Janey have been on the road all fall, and now they get to return home and reconnect with friends and families. We look at these weeks as a chance for renewal before we start touring again in January – […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Starting with Buffalo,NY’s record-breaking snowfall last week, winter has returned – and the Northeast is bracing for another huge snowfall on Thanksgiving Day. We can, however, be thankful for all the opportunities this gives us to work off the calories of holiday consumption. How thankful, exactly? Well, here are some estimates…. It would take about […]