FoodPlay Friday: Final lap

Welcome to another FoodPlay Friday! As we head into the final lap of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, I took my turn this week to share my own fitness journey, Staff Stories: Unlocking nerd fitness. If you’re someone who has battled a rocky relationship with physical exercise, I’d love to hear your story, too, […]

FoodPlay Friday: Summer Fitness

Welcome to another FoodPlay Friday! We’re still celebrating Physical Fitness and Sports Month here at FoodPlay Productions, with weekly blogging from members of our office staff. If you’ve missed these so far, be sure to check out I am a runner from our Program & Media Coordinator Hanna Bliss, and Working & Walking from our […]

FoodPlay Friday: Red & Green

Welcome to another FoodPlay Friday! Though cold and damp have so far been the keywords for spring, here in western Massachusetts, the season has still inspired a new health regimen for my family. And as we pay careful attention to what we’re eating, I’ve found myself scouring the healthy food blogosphere more thoroughly than usual, […]

FoodPlay Friday: Long Island Farm Summit

Spring Has Sprung at the Second Annual Long Island Farm Summit! With the coming of spring, we all look forward to the warmer weather, and for many of us that means returning to our gardens and farmers’ markets for an abundance of fresh, local produce and foods! Saturday proved to be a perfect day for […]

FoodPlay Friday: From the Road

Yes, it’s FoodPlay Friday, but instead of linkblogging this week, I’d like to hand the virtual microphone over to the Pontiac, IL Pontiac Daily Leader, where writer Luke Smucker sat in for a performance of FOODPLAY featuring David McDaniel (Coach), Alexandra Moore (Janey), and stage manager Travis Gawron. Luke had a terrific conversation with David, […]