Janey’s Summer Snack Attacks

Janey's healthy summer snacks for kidsHey everybody!

School’s out, juggling camp is soon, and the weather is perfect for playing outside!

I can’t talk about summer without mentioning summer foods. Ice cream, hot dogs, and fried dough are all yummy…but not good for you. They make you feel icky and tired. I might have those treats once or twice, but usually I choose healthy, lighter snacks that are good for me.

Here are some of my favorite summer treats:

This is one of the easiest homemade treats! Use juice from fruit, without any added sugar. (Pineapple, coconut, and cherry are some of my favorites.) If you have Popsicle makers, pour some juice in and stick in the freezer overnight. You can also pour juice in a small freezer-safe bowl or container and chill overnight. Eat it with a spoon, straight from the bowl, like shaved ice!

My favorite way to make popcorn is on a stovetop,. Get a large pot, like the kind you use for cooking soup or pasta. Put in two teaspoons of popcorn kernels and one teaspoon of oil (I prefer coconut). Set the burner to medium, cover the pot, and wait for the pops! This snack may require adult supervision. Once your snack is finished, try different toppings. I like a thick layer of nutritional yeast, mixed herbs, and a little olive oil!

Turning on the oven in the summer might heat up the house, but these fries are so worth it! Pre-heat your oven to 375, then cut up some sweet potatoes in small but thick wedges. Toss with a little oil on a flat sheet or pan, then sprinkle with cinnamon and/or salt. Instead of deep frying these fries, bake them in the oven for about twenty-five minutes total, rotating the pan every ten minutes. Super yummy!

Sometimes the simplest option is the best one. That definitely goes for fruit and vegetables, or what I call nature’s snack! Try the classic summer goodies like watermelon and corn-on-the-cob, or be adventurous with exotic options like mango and okra.

Have a tasty summer!

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