Learn How to Juggle! Check out our NEW VIDEO!

Want to learn how to juggle? You don’t need fancy equipment: plastic bags from the grocery store can make great juggling scarves. Check out our new video to teach you how!

Learn How to Juggle Video!

Juggling is a great activity for kids and grown-ups. It’s a stress reducer, especially if you take a deep breath between throws. It’s a low-cost, fun, active activity for indoors or out! And juggling is inexpensive – you can use almost anything to learn. 

What else besides bags? How about: oranges, rolled up socks, bean bags or any small balls! Juggling sharpens focus and concentration, and has been shown to connect pathways between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. There’s always a new trick to learn and exciting new ways to juggle with other people. For me, learning to juggle was empowering. I never thought I could juggle, and when I finally learned, I realized that I could do anything, as long as I had desire and practiced! Yesterday a non-juggler, today a juggler! 
Another neat thing about juggling is that it reminds you to take life a little less seriously and remember that there’s still a kid in everyone who wants to get up and play!
If you’re teaching kids to juggle, the easiest way to begin is with juggling scarves.They’re easier to throw and catch than balls, and they give you more time and surface area to catch. We discovered that using plastic bags from supermarkets was a great, no-cost substitute for scarves, since they rise and fall gracefully, and give children a simple way to practice. Make sure to remind children about the danger of putting plastic bags near their face or the heads of other children, and to always have an adult present when practicing.
Teaching juggling is all about learning to take one step at a time. You start with one, and practice making good throws, before you can go to two; and you need to have good throws with two before you can succeed with three.
Happy juggling – let us know how you do!



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