After the Show – Fun Ideas

Learn to Juggle with Johnny Junkfood!

After seeing FOODPLAY, many kids (and adults) in the audience want to learn how to juggle. So here’s Johnny Junkfood, himself, to share his juggling secrets in this 7-minute video. Tell your friends you learned to juggle at FOODPLAY!


Write to Us!
We find that kids have a lot to say after seeing the show and we love receiving their letters about what they liked and what they learned. (You can find some of their feedback on our website.)

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Follow-Up Activities

When FOODPLAY comes to your school, your school also gets a comprehensive resource kit with lots of fun activity ideas and activity sheets for K-6th grades. In addition to those resources, check out our free stuff and our web store for more ideas.

We now offer a book called Janey Junkfood’s Fresh Adventure! that captures the themes and lessons of FOODPLAY. It’s great for home or classroom reading, especially right after the show when kids are excited. There’s even a free teacher’s activity guide to go with it. Learn more.

Your Ideas

What did you do after the show? Share your ideas with us and let us know if we can quote you here so others can learn from you.

Look who is eating a healthy snack

We did a weeklong healthy snack challenge the following week — the kids were so proud of their healthy snacks! The snack cards you provided were great reminders to what to bring in for healthy snacks. Thanks!
—Beth Sommers, Curriculum Coordinator, Greenland, NH (10/24/07)

Our students loved FOODPLAY on Monday! The staff thought it was great too. We have been doing good nutrition activities all week and it seems the kids are really getting it. I will definitely recommend the program to others. Thanks again.
—Patricia K. Niemitz RN, BSN, MEd, Certified School Nurse, Carlisle, PA (2/25/09)

The principal has put a lot of emphasis on healthy snacking — less junk at party time, etc.
—Susan Abdow, Enrichment Chairperson, Rehoboth, MA (10/24/07)

I had my class illustrate and write about the show — I noticed that they made a clear distinction between good/bad foods.
—Katherine Cotter, 2nd Grade Teacher, Norwood, MA (10/11/07)

We are all talking about healthy food choices during our lunch periods. And we are trying to bring healthier snacks and lunches ourselves. Children are checking the ingredients in their snacks now. They are much more aware of what they should and shouldn’t be eating.
—Mary Driscoll, 3rd Grade Teacher, St. Agatha, Milton, MA (4/1/08)