Funding Ideas

Don’t let lack of funds stand in your way! Here are some methods that schools have used to fund our programs. All of these are explained further below:

School and Community Funds

Check with your principal, vice-principal, superintendent, school board, school food service director, health educator, nurse, or curriculum specialist to locate funds for nutrition and health education programs. Here are some school and community funding sources that schools often use:

  • PTO’s + PTA’s (Parent-Teacher Organizations)
  • School and Community Cultural Arts Funds
  • School Food Service Programs
  • USDA Funding: TEAM Nutrition, HealthierUS School Challenge
  • USDA Free Fruit and Vegetable Program
  • Community Foundations and Community Health Foundations
  • Coordinated School Health Initiatives
  • School Wellness Initiatives
  • Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs
  • Comprehensive Health Education Funds
  • Fruit and Vegetable Campaigns
  • Community Health and Wellness Grants
  • Cultural Arts Councils
  • Arts-in-Education Funds (National, State, or Local)
  • Local Health and Wellness Grants
  • Physical Activity Programs + Grants
  • Partnerships with local chapters of associations such as American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association


The following organizations offer grants and/or list funding opportunities that are related to health and nutrition. Your school or organization may or may not qualify for these but we are listing them as a starting place for grant research. Note: this is not a comprehensive list.

These organizations are especially relevant for child nutrition and obesity prevention programs:

Team NutritionUSDA Food and Nutrition Service
Team Nutrition Training Grants for Healthy School Meals provide funding to establish and enhance efforts related to improving school nutrition and school wellness.

The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools
Lists available grants dealing with their focus of strengthening the well-being of children and youth through health programs in schools.

The BOOST Collaborative
Committed to creating opportunities for change in educational and social services agencies serving youth in the out-of-school time hours.

Walmart Foundation Grants

National Dairy Council – Health & Wellness – Child Nutrition

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Action for Healthy Kids

Walmart Community Grant Program

Aetna Foundation – Regional Grants

My Fun Run (school fundraiser idea to bring FOODPLAY)

The Spark Grant-Finder

Target Arts, Culture, & Design in Schools Grants  *Twin Cities Region

More grant funding possibilities:
Find and apply for federal government grants on this site from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Information on education funding opportunities that will help teachers and schools.

Grant Wrangler
Free grants listing service for K-12 schools. Search for grants by keywords or subscribe to their e-newsletter.

Grant Gopher
Offers help to find available grants, including free and fee-based services.

Funds Net Services Online
A fundraising and grants directory.

Reduced Price Options

We are committed to bringing our special brand of nutrition education to your children. Here are some ways to lower your costs:

  • Help build a mini-tour in your area by contacting neighboring schools or working with your school district.
  • Host a rehearsal show.
  • Sign up for our “Blue Plate Special”! Receive a discounted program when we have a last-minute opening in your area.

Local Sponsors

Many local businesses or organizations are very interested in sponsoring our live shows because of the opportunity to make a dramatic and positive impact in their communities, directly reach large numbers of children and families with their message, and receive great publicity for their efforts. Our shows regularly attract wonderful media coverage, including positive recognition of sponsors!

We can provide you with our “Community Health Hero” packet, which contains materials you can use to encourage local businesses or organizations to sponsor these programs.

The following types of businesses and organizations might be especially interested in sponsorship opportunities:

  • Banks
  • Supermarkets
  • Natural food stores
  • HMOs/health care providers
  • Hospitals
  • Health insurance companies
  • Restaurants
  • Kiwanis, Junior League, and other civic organizations
  • Churches, synagogues, and other religious organizations
  • Youth clubs
  • Child-focused businesses such as dance studios, fitness centers, toy and clothing stores, etc.

Healthy Fundraising Ideas

School fundraising can be easy, fun, healthy, and profitable. Check out these ideas:

Do You Have Funding Ideas?

Please let us know how you’ve funded programs so we can spread the word!