Proven Success

FOODPLAY is an evidence-based program with proven results!

FOODPLAY audienceFOODPLAY is an evidence-based program with proven results demonstrating outstanding improvements in student’s knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors regarding nutrition and health issues.

You can use our professionally designed pre- and post-evaluation instrument to assess your students and demonstrate the dramatic impact of the FOODPLAY intervention. We can provide everything needed to fulfill nutrition and health grant mandates.

Independent Evaluation Summary

A major USDA-sponsored evaluation was conducted with the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Departments of Education, and evaluated by Dr. Catherine English, Food and Nutrition Department, University of Rhode Island.

Results Summary: The “FOODPLAY” Program intervention showed dramatic results improving the nutrition knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of 4th graders throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Evaluation Method: Pre and post-test evaluations were administered to 1200 fourth graders throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island prior to and one week following the FOODPLAY intervention.

Evaluation Results

One week following the FOODPLAY Program…

Improved Changes in Student Behavior (Self-Reported):

80% reported “…eating more healthfully.”
68% reported “…eating breakfast more often.”
75% reported “…eating more fruits and vegetables.”
70% reported “…eating fewer sweets and drinking less soda.”
68% reported “…eating less fatty food like chips and greasy fast foods”
66% reported “…reading ingredient labels more often.”

Increased Student Knowledge:

225% overall increase in student knowledge of the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables to consume!
90% of students correctly identified the main ingredient of a food label. (Up from 53%)
85% correctly reported that a can of cola has ten teaspoons of sugar. (Up from 21%)
63% were able to put all food groups in their correct place on the food pyramid. (Up from 37%)
75% correctly knew that Grains was the group from which to eat the most. (Up from 18%)

School Faculty Response:

80% of Teachers and Principals gave FOODPLAY the highest rating of “Excellent!”

Parent Involvement:

Over 62% of students reported telling their parents about what they learned from FOODPLAY when they got home from school.

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