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FOODPLAY was wonderful…the best program of the year!
–Dr. Smolen, Principal, Heritage Academy, Longmeadow, MA

FOODPLAY is one of the most entertaining yet educational programs that I have seen. My students and staff raved about the program and I am sure that the message is one which will stay with them for a long time.”
–Carmen Morales, Principal, Cordero Molina School, Camden, NJ

Especially rewarding were the discussions in hallways and classrooms after the show and how students planned on making nutritional changes for the future. I recommend your program wholeheartedly to any school!
–Diane Carreiro, Principal, Memorial School, Winchendon, MA

What a fantastic performance! Our teachers and students alike were raving about this show!”
–Joanne Fish, Principal, North Brunswick Township Public Schools, NJ

Loved it, Loved it, Loved it!
–Jeannine Backus, Principal, Livermore Elementary, Livermore, ME

This was excellent and although we were skeptical about the show’s ability to entertain and teach a range from 4-11 year-olds, they did it and everyone learned and enjoyed! Job well done!
–Kimberly Werth, Principal, Afton Elementary, Afton, NY

Excellent show and materials. Wonderful program which covered all bases. The cast was able to teach all children (ages 4–12) in an energetic and fun way. Would LOVE having you back next year!”
–Karen Snyder, Principal, Our Lady of Victory School, Troy, NY


It was sensational. I have never seen an assembly captivate 400 students for 1 hour. This is an exceptional show that is a must see for all K-5 students in the nation to combat childhood obesity. I was fortunate enough to have local businesses donate to sponsor the production. The USDA should be sending you to every school. I will be attending the New York State Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance and will be telling colleagues about this production. The crew was AWESOME.”
–Michelle Eicher, Physical Educator, Ticonderoga Elementary, Ticonderoga, NY

FANTASTIC! The kids were riveted for the entire program!
–Roberta Sullivan, Teacher, Sullivan School, North Adams, MA

The best, most professional assembly we’ve ever had here at McKinley!”
–Mrs. J. Frey, Teacher, McKinley Elementary School, York, PA

OUTSTANDING!!! The nutrition messages were age appropriate and creatively presented. The humor was timely, the messages were clearly stated, and student involvement peaked everyone’s interest.”
–Mary B. Patrick, Physical Education Teacher, Huckleberry Hill School, Lynnfield, MA

Children are checking the ingredients in their snacks now. They are much more aware of what they should and shouldn’t be eating. We are all talking about healthy food choices during our lunch periods. And we are trying to bring healthier snacks and lunches ourselves. The show was very informative, done at the children’s level.”
–Mary Driscoll, 3rd Grade Teacher, Elm Street School, Laconia, NH

Excellent! Very educational and worthwhile. Interactive, funny, not too long. Everyone used the right words in connecting with the students; they really seem to have gotten the message! Well done!”
–Tracey McDermott, Cultural Arts Coordinator, Highlands Elementary, Braintree, MA

It really made students think about good choices for foods & drinks – we are still discussing it 3 days later!”
–Michelle Mason, 3rd Grade Teacher, Dowell Elementary School, Lusby, MD

Thank you! The show was a mixture of humor, music, and information provided in a way that allowed students to remember key facts.”
–Donna-Marie Gamlin, 2nd Grade Teacher, Elm Street School, Milton, MA

FOODPLAY was outstanding! An important lesson about eating the right foods in a most fun & exciting way. The actors pulled the students into the show with questions and soo much enthusiasm. This was so much fun!
–Chris Emerson, Physical Education, North Avondale Montessori, Cincinnati, OH

You had no problem keeping 400 young students attentive with your humor, juggling and antics while teaching important nutrition information. FOODPLAY IS A MUST!
–Donna Bunnell, Coordinator/Teacher, Orange Elementary Schools, Orange, MA

Our kids were literally in ‘open-mouthed’ awe over the information given as well as the juggling!
–Teacher, Moreau Elementary, S. Glens Falls, NY

Thank you for the show. I teach special needs (behavior students). It is sometimes hard to keep their interest and for them to understand information. They got SO much out of the show! I have added nutrition assignments to my homework packets and have had a great response.”
–Karen Misiaszek, Special Needs Teacher, Swift River Elementary, Belchertown, MA

We give FOODPLAY an A+! The children were completely absorbed. It was both educational and entertaining.
–Teachers, Lincoln Street School, Northborough, MA

This was one of the best presentations ever! There was not a single piece that was not engaging, fun, or beneficial. The fast-paced, musical and visual presentation was perfect!
–Teachers, Ryan Road Elementary School, Parlin, NJ

During this very well done show, our classes learned more (and had more fun!) about nutrition than they had during the entire school year!
–Margaret Strayer, Teacher, Jackson School, York, PA

I’ve seen a number of shows designed to teach these concepts. Yours was by far the best! It was lively and never seemed to have a ‘down’ moment. Your presentation touched all the grades and levels present.”
–Kathy Kuehn, Teacher, K.D. Malone School, Rockaway, NJ

Excellent. It was fun and engaging for the students. The show renewed our wellness policy efforts.
–Abby Dobson, 1st Grade Teacher, Ellis School, Fremont, NH

School Food Service, School Nutrition, and School District Leaders

I absolutely LOVE the FOODPLAY Program! It is without a doubt, one of the best ways to get the nutrition message across. Interactive, live, and totally engaging, FOODPLAY gets the healthy eating and active living message out to kids in a way that they’ll remember it and use it to improve their own habits, because they had so much fun learning. FOODPLAY works so well because it communicates the messages in a variety of ways so that the information can be taken in by kids with all different learning styles.

I recommend every food service director in the country bring FOODPLAY to their schools – it’s an absolutely wonderful way to market your school nutrition program, boost participation in school breakfast and lunch, dramatically improve children’s eating and exercise habits, market healthy foods to kids and get kids to eat them, and get all stakeholders on board – kids, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community – to support school nutrition. The kids had so much fun, they didn’t realize how much they were learning!”
–Yolanda Burt, School Food Service Director, Hartford Public Schools
(and Outstanding Director of the Year – SNA-CT!)

Rave reviews! FOODPLAY presents sound nutrition messages in a thoroughly entertaining way, captivating children’s attention throughout the whole show, and triggering school-wide excitement to create healthier school environments. Highly recommended! Read letter of recommendation
–Joan Nachmani, MS, CNS, SFNS, Director of Nutrition Education, School District of Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for having FOODPLAY in LA and at our schools. Your team is fabulous. Our students enjoyed FOODPLAY tremendously! What a fantastic assembly. Can’t wait to have FOODPLAY visit again next Spring!
–Judy Huffaker, R.D., Nutrition Education Specialist, Alhambra Unified School District, Network for a Healthy California, Alhambra, CA

We are huge FOODPLAY fans. We have had the original FOODPLAY production come to all our elementary schools and “This Is Your Life!” show come to our middle schools. The teachers learned as much as the children did from the shows. The shows are right on target for the message we are trying to convey to our students. It is a great way to reach the entire student body with a minimum of expense and time. They come in and are a turn-key production. They do a great job of working with you to let you know when they are going to be in your area so you can keep the cost low. The year after I did our first FOODPLAY production my schools contacted me, asking if we were going to have them come back again, they liked it so much. FOODPLAY is a great way to spotlight your program, and help trigger school-wide excitement, getting everyone on board – students, teachers, health staff, parents, administrators, and community members to work together to create healthy schools and effective wellness policies.
–Donna S. Martin, EdS, RD, LD, SNS, Director, School Nutrition Program, Burke County Board of Education, Waynesboro, GA

Featuring a performance by Food Play at our Community Kick Off for the Summer Food Service Program is a super way to draw the attendance of both kids and their parents and generate excitement for the program.  The show is a great fun way to relay the message that eating nutritious food and having lots of fun physical activity is important all year long.”
–Joanne Morrissey, Food Service Director, Quincy Public Schools, Quincy, MA

What a success FOODPLAY was in the York City School District! Many teachers called FOODPLAY the best assembly they ever had!
–Pat Forster, RD, The City of York, Division of Community Affairs, York, PA

The Yuma County Health Department brought FOODPLAY to Yuma, Arizona, to present this fantastic performance to over 8,000 students over the course of one month. This program was an incredible way to reach thousands of students with positive nutrition messages in a creative, entertaining way that kids can identify with and enjoy. Of 269 4th grade students surveyed, over 70% of them reported eating more healthfully, eating more fruits and vegetables, and drinking less soda during the week after seeing FOODPLAY…” Read letter of recommendation
–Lisa Medrow, RD, Nutrition Program Coordinator, Yuma County Dept. of Public Health, Yuma, AZ

I am amazed at how professional your organization is, and am in awe that you can provide such a wonderful program for the minimal cost that you charge.”
—Linda Ervin, School Nutrition Director, Putnam Elementary, Eatonton, GA

As our school wide assembly departed today the most predominant comment made was: ‘This was the Best Assembly We have Ever Had!’ Teachers were amazed at how engaged the children were and that the lessons shared were of great value and will hopefully be lasting. The children laughed, clapped and loved every moment! …The binder is a terrific resource to provide continuity and communication. THANK YOU!!!”
—Christina Dochtermann, School Wellness Committee, West Patent Elementary, Bedford Hills, NY

Perfect! The kids loved it! All of it! The juggling theme made it exciting. It reinforced the messages I teach in a fun, exciting way.”
–Jill Nye-McKeown, Dietitian, BFA Fairfax Elementary, Fairfax, VT

School Nurses and Wellness Committees

I love FOODPLAY – Every school in the country should start the school year with this production!
—Rosemary Ware, RN, BS, HNBC – Nurse, Sullivan School, Holyoke, MA

I’ve never seen the whole school, all the grades – from pre-K to fifth – so engaged for the entire show! Great performance!
—Linnea Constant, RN, School Nurse, Hadley Elementary, Hadley, MA

Everything was great!! Age appropriate, perfect. I have heard non-stop positive feedback!! Perfect message, great way to convey nutrition.”
–Diane Beach, School Nurse, Newmarket Elementary School, Newmarket, NH

Wonderful show. Fun, entertaining, and age appropriate. The students and staff loved it. The actors were very professional and entertaining. I received positive feedback from students, staff, and parents. The show provided all the nutrition education basics. The students learned a lot while being entertained.”
–Juliette Muskal, RN, Kings Mills Elementary, King Mills, OH

I just want to thank you for bringing FOODPLAY back to Beal in 2007. I saw the show a few years ago and I thought back then how wonderful it was. I have to tell you that this time it was fantastic! The updates and new actors to the show are great additions. The staff that came to our school was very professional and genuinely nice. Of course, I would never expect anything less from you and FoodPlay Productions. I love what you do. The staff and students at Beal truly enjoyed the show. Again thank you.”
–Cindy Coughlin, Health and Physical Education Teacher, Beal Elementary School, Springfield, MA

I could not let this chance go by to let you know what a great job you did at our school! It was interesting, educational, fun, and kept the students’ attention for the entire show.”
–Edie Braun, RN, Eisenhower Elementary School, Parlin, NJ

They enjoyed all of it. They kept the students attention throughout the whole thing! I received a lot of positive feedback related to this program. The kids LOVED it as well as the staff.”
–Dewi Eiermann, RN, Huntington Elementary School, Chillicothe, OH

A truly remarkable performance! The show was well organized, professional, fun, and yet highly educational!
–Kristan Bagley, Student Support Coordinator, Pattiahunt School, Pattiapan, MA

It was a way to bring a good message on food and nutrition in a fun, interactive way. I liked the aspect of educating kids about media and how to read food labels. They did it in a way kids can easily digest. Pun intended.”
–Jeannine Linehan, Health and Wellness Committee, Newman School, Needham, MA

Partners (see Partnership Case Studies)

This was the first time I saw FOODPLAY in person and I can see why it is in such demand! The show was so engaging and aimed right at kids (big kids included) with terrific messages about healthy eating!
–Judy Dowd, MA, RD, LDN, UMASS Dietetic Internship Director, Amherst, MA

FOODPLAY is a creative and engaging theatrical performance focusing on the healthy nutrition habits for children and parents, alike. As a Pediatric Lipid Specialist and the First Lady of New Hampshire, I have worked hard to raise awareness of the adverse health consequences of pediatric obesity and to promote health and wellness among the children and families of New Hampshire. I am proud to support FOODPLAY and their efforts to combat childhood obesity in New Hampshire and across the country.”
–Dr. Susan Lynch, First Lady of New Hampshire

FOODPLAY is a great investment to help youngsters improve health now and prevent disease later in life!
–Barbara Ruhs, MS, RD, Director, Neighborhood Nutrition, Cambridge, MA

We are most appreciative for your participation that helped to make our Fields of Green event a success!!! It meant a lot having you there sharing your knowledge in such an entertaining and fun way. It was so well received! It truly was a gift for all who experienced it!!! My heart leaped with joy!!! We were so happy with how the day turned out. We look forward to potential collaboration in the future.”
–Carol Rowe, Executive Director, and Peggy Curry, GrowingGreat, Manhattan Beach, CA

FOODPLAY couldn’t have been a better way to bring healthy eating information to the kids. Months later, I continue to receive comments from teachers, parents and kids about how much the children enjoyed the program.” Read letter of recommendation
–Gina Brandenburg, MS, CHES, Community Outreach Manager, Tanner Health Source, GA


FOODPLAY was a hit! My daughter came home telling me all kinds of healthy things she learned! I was truly amazed that she as a 6-year-old listened to something so important and got so much information out of it. She now wants apples and bananas for snacks, and wants to drink milk with her supper. Thank you for the program. It will definitely make a difference in my child’s life.”
–June Wiggins, Centralhatchee Elementary School, Franklin, GA

Your organization’s performance had a huge impact at Oak Grove Elementary that goes well beyond the 45 minute show that the kids loved. We have since been contacted by the local group Advocates for Health in Action and along with inspiring other great projects, the PTA and our PE teacher are putting together a Health and Wellness Committee at school. I think every school needs one and can’t believe our school didn’t have one. Thanks to your wonderful performers and producers for lighting the fire under me to get the ball rolling.”
–Patty Cervenka, PTA VP of Programs, Oak Grove Elementary

FOODPLAY is just what the PTO loves to sponsor! We’ve never seen the children so responsive, including those hard-to-please older kids. Thanks for a FANTASTIC peformance!”
–Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), West Rutland School, West Rutland, VT

As a teacher and parent, I can’t recommend FOODPLAY enough… “
–Sharlene Daly, Memorial School, Milford, MA

FOODPLAY was like a breath of fresh air!”
–Henry Fiori, PTO, Cranston – Johnson Catholic Regional, Cranston, RI

Excellent. Very high energy – kept students’ attention – my son talked at length about the program that evening.”
–Jon Stratton, Johnson Elementary, Ft. Thomas, KY

As the enrichment coordinator, I bring in many artists each year and ask the teachers for written comments afterwards. I received the most responses back regarding FOODPLAY than any other artist I’ve brought in over the last 4 years–and all of it positive!” Read complete letter
–Ellen Michaud Martins, Nabbot PTA Enrichment Committee, Westford, MA

My son loved it. Now at dinner he’ll say things like, ‘Mom, this food is an up food.’ I was surprised how much it resonated with him.”
–Cyndi Bush, Parent, Plainville, MA

I wanted to write and tell you how impressed I was with your program. The performers/educators were high energy, entertaining, and terrific at engaging the kids in learning about nutrition. I volunteer in the school and I was in the cafeteria with the children when they were eating lunch, and it was really exciting to hear them talk to each other about what they learned, and how they were going to make an effort to make healthier choices. The resource you sent home was great for parents as well. Keep up the good work!”
–Donna U., Parent, Bellingham, MA

I brought my 2 year old daughter to the FOODPLAY show at SNE. It is now 1.5 months since we were there and she is still talking about Tobe and Johnny Junkfood. She talks about them juggling food and the types of food Johnny was eating in the end. I have to say – I am very impressed. I know your target audience is a little older but I thought you should know that FOODPLAY had quite an effect on my 2 year old!”
–Lauren Haldeman, PhD, Parent and Nutrition Professor, Greensboro, NC


Thanks for the wonderful show. Now I started eating better and healthier foods. P.S. My mother says thank you, too!”
–Sasha Zaitchik, 3rd Grader, CT

The part I liked best was all of it!”
–Jillian, 3rd Grader, PA

You taught me a lot about healthy food. I learned that you should look at the ingredients to see if sugar is first ingredient or any junk food. One day in the morning I was looking for cereal and I looked at the ingredients and and I found sugar two times so I had a banana.”
–Emily, 3rd Grader, NH

You changed my life! I stopped eating so much junk food, now I eat lots more fruit and vegetables. I’m playing outside instead of watching TV! Thank you!”
–Theresa, 5th Grader, MA

I learned that just because a soda or candy says made with fruit doesn’t mean that it’s made with real fruit. I used to eat candy every day and barely eat foods from the food groups and I learned that you have to have foods from all the foods groups and then you can have candy.”
–Anthony, 3rd Grader, NH

I love Foodplay. Please, pretty please come back. It was the best! I loved the juggling! Thank you!”
–2nd Grader, ME

After seeing FOODPLAY, I traded my junk food for healthy food!”
–Jennifer, 5th Grader, MA

FOODPLAY was the BEST assembly we’ve ever had! All the kids say so!”
–Paul, 4th Grader, NY

It was fun. I decided to eat less junk food ’cause I can see what happens if you do eat too much junk food. Sincerely,”
–Rachael, 2nd Grader, VT

Dear Johnny, My favorite part was when you were running because you were late for the show. I will try to eat healthy food. I liked when you made better choices for food.”
–Rebecca, 3rd Grader, NH

Dear Johnny Junkfood and Coach, The things I learned from the show was just because a soda or candy says made with fruit doesn’t mean that it’s made with real fruit. I used to eat candy every day and barely eat foods from the food groups. Thank you for coming to our school!”
–Anthony, 3rd Grader, NH