This Is Your Life!

A Health & Nutrition Program for Middle School ages & Families

Empowering Adolescents to Make Healthy Choices!
Combining thought-provoking drama and rib-tickling humor, This Is Your Life! empowers young people to critically evaluate media messages and peer group pressures to make healthy choices regarding nutrition, physical activity, body image, and tobacco-free living.
Ideal For: Grades 5-9 and families
Audience size: Up to 400 (exceptions made)
Running Time: 45 minutes
Space needs: Auditorium, cafetorium, gym, or other large performance space
Program Fee: Contact us

Comes with Complete Resource Kit:

  • Hands-On Health Teacher’s activity Guidebook (130+ pages of fun-filled activities, lesson plans, and background information—helps schools meet state and national health education standards)
  • Student handouts
  • Follow-up materials for food service, guidance, health staff, and parents
  • Evaluation to assess program impact
  • Press kit and posters to publicize program
  • Web Activities and downloads

It Works!
This Is Your Life! helps adolescents:

  • Improve eating and physical activity habits to promote life-long health
  • Build positive self-esteem and body image from the inside out, and discover that every body is different, and different is a great thing!
  • Develop the critical decision-making skills needed to see through media messages and peer pressures in order to make healthy choices
  • Make healthy food choices at home, school, and on the run—fuel up with breakfast; increase fruits, vegetables, and calcium-rich foods; cut down on sweets, sugary drinks, and unhealthy fats; and create a balanced diet using My Plate.
  • Enjoy daily physical activity and understand how exercise helps reduce stress, build strength, and maintain healthy weight
  • Increase their intake of calcium-rich foods and beverages and maintain an active lifestyle in order to prevent osteoporosis
  • Resist harmful dieting practices, eating disorders, steroids, tobacco use
Evidence Based – Proven Results!

According to CDC-sponsored evaluations:

This Is Your Life has been found to dramatically improve the nutrition and health knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of middle school students, with the majority reporting significant improvements in their eating and exercise habits.

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