ToBe Fit

The Juggling Nutrition Magician Show


Make Good Eating + Active Living

Bring ToBe Fit to your library, school, community event, fair and festival!

Special Library Show Celebrates:
Build a Better World!

For Pre-K to 3rd Graders

A rollicking, fun-filled show featuring fantastic feats of juggling, circus arts, music, magic, and audience participation to help kids take charge of growing up healthy, happy, active, and fit!

Learn to juggle the foods you eat to wind up with a balanced diet. Discover how to make choices that are good for your health and the health of the planet.  This healthful balancing act makes nutrition and physical activity come alive for young audiences as kids (and parents) learn how to be fit…with ToBe Fit.

And, after the show, kids are amazed to learn how to JUGGLE!

ToBe Fit in Action! Shows are performed by FoodPlay’s favorite performers: Felicia Masias or Linda Tardif.

Thanks for the wonderful show! Now I started eating better and healthier foods. P.S. My mother says thank you, too!”
—Sasha Z, 3rd Grader

It was fabulous! ToBe has a passion for what she does – and it’s all good – nutrition, exercise, and just feeling good about yourself!  Both children and adults were enthralled by this fast paced and entertaining show.  Our patrons were fully engaged and participated eagerly!  Everyone had such a great time and now they know how to juggle! And, thanks for your autographed book for our collection. I’m sure it will be very popular with our patrons. Wonderful show! We hope to see you next summer!”
—Carole Mazzarino, Assistant Youth Services Librarian, Richard Salter Storrs Library, Longmeadow, MA

What a wonderful show to see at our library! I want to tell everyone I know about bringing you – you were fantastic!
—Anita Garnett, Parent, Beardsley & Memorial Library, Winsted, CT

A fantastic, fun-filled program! Our kids and parents loved ToBe Fit, and they even said they were going to eat healthy after seeing it! I recommend this show to everyone!”
—Elizabeth MacGregor, Program Director, Flint Public Library, Middleton, MA

The show was AWESOME! A great way for kids to learn about health and nutrition. Lots of fun!  My kids LOVED it!  I’m definitely a fan!
—Elyana Bassell, Parent, Longmeadow, MA

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ToBe FitSpecial Shows for:

  • Schools
  • Libraries + Summer Reading Programs
    Build a Better World!
  • After School Programs + Youth Clubs
  • Head Start and Childcare Centers
  • Summer Feeding, WIC, SNAP Ed, EFNEP
  • Museums + Camps
  • Fairs, Festivals, Farmers Markets
  • Family Nights + Community Events

Kids learn how to:ToBe Fit Balances MyPlate

  • Balance their diet with MyPlate!
  • Fuel up with breakfast!
  • Make fruits and vegetables irresistible!
  • Discover the difference between whole foods and foods with holes!
  • See through commercials and uncover the tricks of the advertising trade!
  • Have fun playing and being active every day!
  • Be the best they can be with healthy habits!
  • Make choices that are good for their health and good for the health of the planet!

Show comes complete with:Cropped_MG_8141

  • Invitational Flyers – to publicize event to your community
  • Press Packet – attract media coverage for your program
  • Snack Cards – children take home and post on fridge
  • Fun Activity Sheets – keep healthy messages alive all year long!
  • Web Activities + Downloads –kids can even learn to juggle!

Pre-K to 3rd Grade
Audience size: Up to 50 children and grown-ups (up to 100 as space permits)
Running time: 30 – 60 minutes (tailored to your needs)
Program fee: Contact us! Fees depend on # shows, add-on’s, and travel. Discounts provided for block booking and library shows within touring area.

PLUS – Add a Play-Shop and Hands-On Tools!
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