Add a Play-Shop and Hands-On Tools!

Add a Play-Shop:
Kids build skills thru fun, hands-on play!
playshopsA. Circus Arts Play-Shops: Learn to Spin Plates, Balance, and/or Juggle!
–Kids are amazed when they learn how – step by step! And, use this confidence when trying something new – reading a book, learning a skill, trying a new food! (Coming Soon!)

B. FoodPlayShops: Snack Making + Tasting!
— Kids join ToBe Fit to make healthy food kid-friendly! They’ll learn how to make delicious and nutritious fruit and veggie snacks, and take home colorful recipe cards to repeat the process! (Coming Soon!)

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Choose Fun Tools for Hands-On Learning:
Keep the messages alive all year long!

  • Passports to Fresh Adventures!
    -Kids fill up their passports with colorful fruit + veggie stickers every time they try a new one!
  • Fruit + Veggie Tracker Bands
    -Kids love tracking their progress – moving a band from one wrist to the other, every time they eat a fruit and vegetable!
  • Tickets to Fresh Adventures! Recipe Cards
    -Kids create their own recipe booklet using these fun fruit + veggie snack cards!
  • Janey Junkfood’s Fresh Adventure!
    -Kids get their very own copy of our popular children’s book, written and autographed by Tobe Fit – and learn how to make healthy eating, a fun-filled fresh adventure!

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