ToBe Fit – Rave Reviews

You were tremendous! I loved when you juggled the apples and I will give up sugar eating and soda drinking cause I saw your show.”
–John Gyongyos, 3rd Grader

The best show I’ve seen at a library – ever! Not only does it have amazing magic and wonderful juggling, but the actor was great! The show was so much fun and engaging to both children and adults, and with such an important message about nutrition! A totally enjoyable show, and my daughter wanted to eat apples by the end! What a perfect way to get the healthy message across to kids!
–Hillary Haft Bucs, Parent, Hatfield Library, Hatfield MA
and Assoc. Professor of Theater, Western New England University, Springfield, MA

What a FUN, interactive, and energetic representation of our farmers’ market’s mission to educate the community about healthy eating and healthy living. It was a great way to share our market with new families, and a truly exciting event to have in our town.
–Nora Murphy, South Hadley Farmer’s Market, Coordinator

A really fun show. I definitely recommend ToBe Fit to other libraries. It’s a really fun and exciting way for kids to learn about healthy eating. A great opportunity for parents and kids to talk together about nutrition and making healthy choices here at the library!
–Cheri Hardy, Children’s Librarian, Hatfield Library, Hatfield, MA

We all loved your show! Come back soon!
–Courtney Szawlowski, Director, People’s Institute, Northampton, MA