Trish’s Awesome Nutrition Ambition

A Health & Nutrition Program for Elementary School ages & Families

A high-energy program filled with music, dance and humor!

Trish’s Awesome Nutrition Ambition is a high-energy, fun-filled performance featuring live theater, rocking music, dance and humor! Trish’s ambition is to make it her mission to get Mama Rose on board with healthy habits!

Trish takes Mama Rose to “Food Court” and demonstrates that everyone—no matter what age—has the power to take their health in their own hands by making healthy food choices and having fun being more active.

Ideal For: Grades K-5 and families
Audience size: Up to 400 (exceptions made)
Running Time: 35 minutes
Space needs: Auditorium, cafetorium, gym, or other large performance space
Program Fee: Contact us

Healthy School Package includes:

  • Teacher’s Activity Guidebook (60+ pages of lesson plans)
  • Healthy snack cards for kids
  • Parent Letter (English & Spanish) with healthy tips
  • Food service packet to link cafeteria with classroom learning
  • Nurse packet to promote school wellness
  • Evaluation to assess program impact
  • Press kit, web activities and downloads

The greatest food show ever! This was the best nutrition program that I have seen! The actors were engaging. They gave a very high-spirited performance. The students were “pumped,” paid attention, and were very responsive.
—Geraldine N Robinson, TTL, McCloskey School, Philadelphia, PA

It Works!

Trish’s Awesome Nutrition Ambition teaches kids how to:

  • Use MyPlate to select a balanced diet with healthy foods from all five food groups.
  • Increase their intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and calcium-rich foods.
  • Cut down on sweets, sugary drinks, and unhealthy fats.
  • Get the most nutritional value for their money.
  • Reduce their risk of obesity and diabetes through improved eating and physical activity choices.
  • Have fun being active every day.
  • Become a health advocate for themselves and their families, bringing the health messages back to their loved ones.
“Thank you so very much for a wonderful assembly. It was such a blast. There was not one time that I didn’t see a smile or a laugh coming from a student. Very upbeat and geared towards kids. ” —Justine Schwartz, A.S. Jenks Elementary School, Philadelphia, PA

“WOW; the production was terrific … fun and engaging…. Our staff and students were wowed. Thanks for allowing our school to be part of this outreach!” —Toby Grubman, School Counselor, Widner Memorial School, Philadelphia, PA