Eat Like a Rainbow Music CD

Colorful, healthy, sustainable food songs for kids and other folks!


By Jay Mankita

Here are 10 great songs celebrating healthy whole foods grown on our farms and in our gardens—fruits and vegetables, seeds, beans and grains—that help keep kids healthy, happy, and singing along!

These food songs are the BEST I’ve ever heard and a great way to excite kids about healthy eating!”
—Barbara Storper, MS, RD

Eat Like A Rainbow is a winner of a “Parents’ Choice Approved” Award!


  • Eat Like a Rainbow
  • My Food is Made from Sunshine
  • New Food Attitude
  • Everybody Likes Fruits and Vegetables
  • Strong Bones
  • Plants Dance
  • Try New Foods
  • Chopsticks
  • Junk Food Man
  • Sun, Wind, Soil, and Rain