Janey Junkfood's Fresh Adventure! DVD Kit

This Emmy Award-winning DVD kit teaches kids to be nutrition-smart and consumer-wise in today’s fast-paced world. Action packed fun.


This Emmy Award-winning, live-action video kit teaches kids how to be nutrition-smart and consumer-wise in today’s fast-paced world.

Featuring rockin’ music, awesome juggling, splashy graphics and dynamic performers, Janey Junkfood’s Fresh Adventure! Video Kit addresses the major nutrition issues facing today’s children and motivates them to take charge of growing up HEALTHY and FIT!

Kids Learn How To

  • Choose a variety of wholesome foods for a balanced diet.
  • Make healthy choices at home, at school and on the run.
  • Cut down on sugar and fat.
  • Make sure to eat breakfast everyday.
  • Read food labels and see through commercials.
  • Enjoy keeping physically active.

Kit Includes

  • One Janey Junkfood’s Fresh Adventure! Video (VHS or DVD), Six Segments, 30 Min.
  • One Janey Junkfood’s Fresh Adventure! Activity Guidebook, 72 Pages – Newly Updated!

Activity Guidebook Includes

  • Fun-filled, reproducible student activity sheet masters
  • Step-by-step lesson plans, keyed to core curriculum areas
  • Learning objectives for a complete nutrition unit
  • Nutrition background information
  • Writing prompts and discussion questions


Consider reading our new children’s book ”Janey Junkfood’s Fresh Adventure!“ before showing the video. Kids will be excited to see some of the book characters come alive on screen.

Makes it hip to be fit! Highly recommended for all educators, nutritionists, and dietitians working with children and parents.”
—Journal of Nutrition Education

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