Janey Junkfood's Fresh Adventure! Children's Book

Written by Barbara Storper, MS, RDN
Illustrated by Frances E. Schneid

Help kids get off the junk food track and make healthy eating, a fun-filled fresh adventure!

$9.95 — $15.95

Based on the Emmy Award-winning TV special: Janey Junkfood’s Fresh Adventure!

In a colorful scrapbook-style format, kids follow Janey in her quest to make the national junior juggling team and discover the missing ingredient to her juggling success—healthy food choices. This fun-filled, highly illustrated book with interactive tools is an indispensable resource to help turn kids on to healthy eating habits and reduce the nation’s alarming epidemic of childhood obesity. Ideal for ages 7–12 or younger kids reading with grown-ups.


  • 14 FUN SNACK RECIPE CARDS – Nutritious snacks kids love to make and eat!


  • The importance of fueling up with a good breakfast
  • Fun ways to cut down on sugar
  • How to “read it before you eat it!”
  • Exciting ways to enjoy fruits and vegetables
  • How to juggle the foods they eat to wind up with a balanced diet


  • Teacher’s Activity Guide
    This 15-page guide features discussion questions, background information, hands-on activities, and activity sheets. Integrate nutrition into core subject areas for K-6. Suitable for classroom, after-school, youth programs, and home.
  • Snack recipe cards, called Tickets to Fresh Adventures


Finally—An enchanting new children’s book guaranteed to help kids get off the junk food track and make good eating GREAT FUN!”
—Lauren Niemes, MEd, RD, Executive Director, The Nutrition Council

I recently purchased three copies of Janey Junkfood’s Fresh Adventure! and gave them to local schools’ libraries to use as part of their wellness initiatives to improve student health. The staff loved the books, especially after watching a live presentation of FOODPLAY – an elementary school-aged program promoting healthy eating and staying active!”
—Phyllis Wood, CATCH Director, Ridgway, Illinois, May 2009

I am so impressed by this book’s creativity! Whether you’re a parent or grandparent, a teacher, or other professional who works with children, I highly recommend this book for the children in your life.” [full review]
—Susan M. Heim, Author and Reviewer, April 2009

Just what the doctor ordered! Finally a fun way to get kids excited about healthy eating. They’re having so much fun, they don’t realize how much they’re learning!
—Michael Jacobson, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Science in the Public Interest

Simply stated, ‘Janey Junkfood’s Fresh Adventure!’ should be a part of every school and community library collection in the country!” [full review]
Midwest Book Review, February 2008

Kids of all ages will lap up the delightful story, devour the animated drawings and feast on the buffet of amusing techniques ToBe utilizes to make her case for a healthy diet….Nice way to give kids the message about eating better.”
—Harold N. Walters, Armchair Interviews, April 2008

This creative book is a painless way to get kids interested in the differences between healthy food and junk food—perhaps the most important facts for them to have as they make lifestyle choices that affect their physical and mental well-being.”
—Dr. Andrew Weil, Founder and Director, Program in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona

I think kids of all ages will enjoy this book and learn a lot about nutrition while having a lot of fun. The [pages] that look like photos in a scrapbook are so funny and just add to the delight of this book. One taste of ‘Janey Junkfood’s Fresh Adventure!’ and you won’t be satisfied till you are done indulging in the pages of the whole book!” 
—Brianne Plach (age 10), Reader Views, March 2008

My students loved this book—-they didn’t want it to end! I didn’t know nutrition could be that much fun!
—Marybeth Home, MEd, Reading Specialist, Sarasota, FL

Thank you for such wonderful tools! We bought 75 JANEY books to donate to our local schools and libraries as well as to give as gifts to students participating in our nutrition education programs.”
—Tony Ellis, MS, Program Director, Physio Wellness NYC, LLC

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Barbara Storper, MS, RDN is a national award-winning nutritionist and leader in the field of children’s nutrition. As founder and Executive Director of FoodPlay Productions since 1982, she has turned millions of children on to healthy eating and exercise habits with her national touring theater shows, videos, media campaigns, and curricula. A popular speaker, journalist, and media spokesperson, Storper appears widely on national media—making nutrition come alive for the nation’s youth.


  • Flyer
  • Press Kit (includes Press Release, Author Bio, Questions for Interviews, Flyer)


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8×10 inches
Hardcover: 978-0-9642858-5-9 Paperback: 978-0-9642858-6-6