This Is Your Life! Video Kit

This Is Your Life!, the best in live-action theater, now in video, combines thought-provoking drama and rib-tickling humor to help adolescents build positive body image and improve their eating and physical activity habits.


This Is Your Life!, the best in live-action theater, now in video, combines thought-provoking drama and rib-tickling humor to help adolescents build positive body image and improve their eating and physical activity habits. Performed by dynamic actors who speak to students in their language, this video addresses the complex health issues affecting today’s adolescents in a fun-filled, entertaining performance. Video kit includes Hands-On Health: The Activity Guidebook for Working with Teens, over 200 pages of fun-filled activities, reproducible activity sheets, and lesson plans to turn kids on to healthy eating and active living.

Adolescents Learn How To:

  • Reduce the alarming rates of eating disorders, harmful dieting practices, and tobacco use.
  • Improve their eating and exercise habits in today’s fast food world.
  • Develop critical decision-making skills needed to see through media messages and peer group pressures.
  • Discredit the narrow images of beauty promoted by the media and discover that every body is different, and different is a good thing.
  • Prevent the bone-thinning disease, osteoporosis, while still in their teen years.
  • Build self-esteem from the inside out—help them understand that looking and feeling good is the result of healthy lifestyle choices.

Kit Includes:

Activity Guidebook Includes:

  • Units on teen nutrition, body image, eating disorders, fitness, tobacco, stress, media literacy, and osteoporosis
  • Hundreds of hands-on activities keyed to comprehensive heath education standards
  • Role plays, theater games, interactive lesson plans
  • Student, teacher, and parent handouts
  • Health assessments and evaluations
  • Recommended resources

Rave Reviews:

Make your job easier and ignite laughter in your audience using a new videotape and activity kit developed specifically for use with older children and adolescents. This Is Your Life! videotape brings to life the issues of healthy eating, body image, tobacco use, and maintaining a healthy weight in a fun and non-threatening way. It sheds light on many of the unhealthy messages that teens hear on a daily basis and offers alternative messages for them to consider. The videotape keeps the attention of the audience and provokes thought about health issues of concern to today’s youth. A registered dietitian developed the videotape and accompanying activity book, and all of the information included is factual and developmentally appropriate for its intended audience… The depth of content and the length of the videotape and teacher’s activity book justify the cost. There is easily enough material in the kit to be integrated into the classroom over an entire semester… provides all of the materials necessary to share powerful health messages with adolescents.”
–Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

‘Mom, this is the best video you’ve ever brought home.’ That was the reaction from both my 15 and 12 year old children after watching This Is Your Life!… The honesty, humor and sensitivity of the characters brought home important messages, plus it opens up many opportunities for further discussion. I wish every classroom teacher, parent and health educator could have a copy of Storper’s excellent accompanying guidebook. Projects for making a difference in the world, relaxation techniques, role playing, plus lots of activities and discussion questions are what make this guidebook such a wonderful resource. HIGHLY recommended.”
–Human Environmental Sciences Extension’s Resource For Food Science and Human Nutrition Information

Thought-provoking drama and rib-tickling humor to help teens see through media messages, build positive body image, and improve their eating and exercise habits… Rave reviews from students and educators… CDC evaluation demonstrates outstanding success in improving student knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors regarding nutrition and health issues.”
–School Nurse News

A lively, thought-provoking performance… its major impact is one of motivation and empowerment. Provides an effective springboard for further examination of the rationale and implementation of the concrete behaviors that are recommended. The wealth of ideas is sufficient to fuel weeks of health classes, and should endure the passage of time without becoming outdated!
–Journal of the American Dietetic Association