Why FoodPlay?

Bring our fun-filled theater shows to your schools, districts, and special events

Live Theater Shows
Foodplay Productions’ shows—featuring amazing feats of juggling, colorful characters, motivating messages, music, magic, and audience participation—get everyone on board behind healthy eating and active lifestyles. [Read More]
Follow-Up Materials
Comprehensive resource kits with materials for everyone involved—teachers, students, parents, food service, and health staff—keep the messages alive in class, cafeteria, and at home.


We LOVE bringing FoodPlay to all our schools! They present sound nutrition messages in a thoroughly entertaining way, captivating children’s attention and triggering school-wide excitement to create healthier school environments.—Joan Nachmani, MS, CNS, SFNS, Director of Nutrition Education, The School District of Philadelphia, PA
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5 Reasons to Bring FoodPlay to Town
It’s Fun!
Rave Reviews from kids, parents, and teachers. Kids are having so much fun, they don’t realize how much they’re learning!
It works!
Our evidence-based programs dramatically improve children’s eating and physical activity habits, and they bring the messages home! USDA and CDC evaluations prove it!
It covers all the bases!
Children learn how to balance their nutrition and physical activity habits; critically evaluate media messages and peer pressures; and make choices that are good for their health and the health of the planet!
It meets standards!
our shows and materials help schools meet national and state health education standards, reinforce wellness policies, and integrate nutrition and health into class curriculum.
It’s easy!
Our nutrition experts and creative masterminds do it all for you—providing everything you need for a successful program.

Contact us to find out how to bring FoodPlay to your schools. 1-800-FOODPLAY (1-800-366-3752)