Frequently Asked Questions

laughing kids in audienceIt’s easy to bring FoodPlay live shows to your school or special event! Contact us to get more information or to schedule a program or tour. Please review the following answers to our most frequently asked questions.

1. What types of theater shows do you offer?

We offer shows for grades K-5 and grades 5-9. Please refer to our show page for a list of potential offerings. Please note that the availability of any one of our shows may vary throughout the school year.

2. Where are you located? How far do you travel?

FoodPlay Productions is located in Western Massachusetts, and our educational theater shows travel nationally. Please contact us to find out when we’ll be near you!

If it turns out that you can’t arrange a show for this year, our video kits and books are a great way to start your school community learning together about healthy choices to last a healthy lifetime. Check out our store or contact us for more information.

3. Where can we go for funding?

Don’t let lack of funds stand in your way — there are dozens of ways to fund FoodPlay programs. Visit our Funding Page for details.

4. Do you work with sponsors?

Thousands of children have benefited from FoodPlay programs that were sponsored by our partners. Sponsors can help fund a complete regional tour or programs for individual schools.

We have successfully partnered with a variety of sponsors, including Hannaford Supermarkets, Intermountain Healthcare, Stonyfield Farm, EAT.RIGHT.NOW (The School District of Philadelphia Nutrition Education Program), Hood, TEAM Nutrition, The Arizona Nutrition Network, and Yuma County Health Department.

When sponsors partner with FoodPlay, everybody wins. Our partners are able to associate themselves with a leader in children’s nutrition education and make a real difference in their communities; and schools, teachers, students, and families are treated to FoodPlay’s incredible programming.

If you represent a company or organization interested in sponsoring FoodPlay’s nutrition education programs, check out our partnership programs or simply contact us to find out how your sponsorship can help you reach out to your community.

If you are a school or community representative looking for sponsorship, contact us for information that can help you attract a sponsor, or browse our list of funding ideas.

5. Can I arrange a larger tour for a whole district or region?

Absolutely. We can set up a tour to bring our shows to each school in your district or to your school and the schools in surrounding towns. Arranging a larger tour can help defray some of the costs for all the schools involved. contact us for more information, or read about school district partnerships.

6. What comes with the program?

Along with the live theater performance, our regular school programs include standards-based resource materials for teachers, parents, and school staff to keep the healthy eating and exercise messages alive all year long! Check out our program options to see what comes with each individual show.

7. In addition to schools, at what other kinds of events or venues do you regularly perform?

FoodPlay shows are great kick-offs for festivals, conferences, youth centers, after-school programs, summer camps, health fairs, family fun nights, picnics, children’s theater festivals, resorts, corporate events, press conferences, and many other venues.

Our live theater shows are a favorite way to entertain kids, teens, and families, with the added bonus of helping audiences learn while they laugh together.

Our shows also help generate great media coverage for your program, event or sponsor—FoodPlay programs regularly receive wonderful press coverage, complete with photos. We’re pleased to tailor our show to meet your event needs.

8. Can I preview a show?

It is possible to preview a show. Our schedule is updated regularly, and lists all confirmed programs. When you find a show that would be convenient for you to preview, please call us so that we can help you arrange permission from the host setting. If time or distance prohibits you from previewing, please feel free to contact us for a DVD preview.

9. Who is in the performance?

Just about the most well-loved and talented professional actors in the world! Meet our Cast of Characters.