Passport to Fresh Adventures! ®

Fun booklet and stickers inspires kids to eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies!


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Great for school food service, teachers, parents, WIC, SNAP Ed, health clinics, supermarkets, and after school programs.

Kids LOVE this Passport! Distribute this fun colorful passport to encourage kids to try a wide variety of fruits and veggies! Every time a child tries a new fruit or veggie, they get to put the corresponding full-color sticker of each food into their passport. Kids get to learn about and record at least 32 different fruits and veggies and learn their names in Spanish as well! Travel the world of “Fresh Adventures” and let your taste buds do the walking!

Plus, kids learn fun facts about fruits and veggies, can track their progress on weekly charts, rate their favorites, and learn how to make fruits and veggies kid-friendly.

Booklet includes: 32 full-color stickers and 16 blanks, fun food facts, tips to make fruits and veggies kid-friendly, tracking chart, tasting scorecard, and English/Spanish names for fruits and vegetables.

Winner – “National Excellence Award” – Produce for Better Health Foundation

Over 100,000 sold!

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